Coffs Harbour Accommodation

Coffs Harbour for International Visitors

General Information

  • Coffs harbour has a post office (Post Code 2450), branches of all the Australian "National" banks, a taxi service, public transport, Internet cafe's, a public library and a public swimming pool.

  • There is a decimal currency in Australia, with bank notes for five, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundrend dollars. The cost of the Australian dollar (AUD) does fluctuate, but is about $0.50 US Dollars. You can use this currency converter to get a more accurate conversion from 180 different currencies.

  • Cars drive on the left hand side of the road. If you're not used to it, take care when crossing the road - you should always use a "zebra crossing" to cross safely.

Seasonal Information

The tempurature in Coffs Harbour ranges from an average of about 26°C in summer to about 18°C in winter (with the nights a bit cooler). The seasons in Australia are :

  • Spring : September 1 through November 30Summer : December 1 through February 28 or 29Auttum : March 1 through May 31

  • Winter : June 1 through August 31

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